Saturday, July 30, 2011

Friday, July 29, 2011

FAIL Albert

This guy was kinda creepy. I used to have nightmares about him coming out of the TV and squashing me with his fatness. That does sound weird, but I really had that dream. I have also watched only 3 episodes, and I refuse to look at him for more than a second. Even typing this post creeps me out.

This has been Grant Fitzsimmons, signing off.
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FAIL Shrinky Dinks

Grant Fitzsimmons, with a FAIL-A-PALOOZA to make up for lost time. Be sure to check for 3 new fails for the rest of the week, every day! Starting today, ending at August 5, we will have 3 fails every day. To the review, so we tried to make a few Club Penguin themed Shrinky Dinks in honor of our closed website, Glf & Turtleboy. They really did not turn out like they promised. Is it a FAIL or are we doing it wrong? 

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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Monday, July 25, 2011

WIN or FAIL Winnie the Pooh?

A wonderful kids movie, filled with adventure, laughs, and fun for the family. A 1 hour, 10 minute movie with not much suspense, but more comedy for the younger ones, and if you look closely, some for the moms and dads. It features the original gang, Pooh, Tiger, the Kangaroos, Eeyore, and of course, Christopher Robinson. I would rate it 3 stars, due to the overload of musical numbers, but the other three due to the amazing comedy. A definite watch, but not a definite WIN.
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WIN Club Penguin

Grant Fitzsimmons, with the one per post error off the fritz! We are back to double reviews! So, Club Penguin is a good game in whole, and got better with 'promo-codes" like poptropica. Actually this featured promo-codes before Poptropica. Poptropica used the idea for a little extra money.

A great game with good HD graphics throughout the whole thing. It makes you feel very into the game, and the sequel was just as good, but It cannot beat the original. A game I would recommend, and will continue to. BTW, this was not made for 3DS, but for older versions.
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FAIL Poop Gag

FAIL in the title! What has happened? Who got this idea? Immature little monkeys? The guy who made LEGO and commitied suicide? The creeps that wrote those "I'm scared of the potty, Mommy!' books? Who would have thought these guys would push the limit on ratings, unless you are 5.

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Sunday, July 24, 2011


What is Elmo doing to that bear? He actually looks like he is shoving it down the toilet... well... no matter. Hello, this is Grant Fitzsimmons with one of the worst books ever intended for children, Potty Time with Elmo (Liittle Sound Book). Well, the book as a whole is fine. The FAILED part of this book is that it is a "Little sound book".... I really do not want to hear some "Little sound" while I am on the toilet...
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WIN Book

A WIN for all of you readers who want to know about Lincolns death. A heart racing tale about Booth and his journey to escape Ford Theater and claim his win to the slave owners. Booth really finds a way to team up with members of the team, and learns that what you do in Ford's Theater, stays in Ford's Theater... 
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WIN Poptropicans

Well, Poptropica asks to be BACK in the game, with some WIN toys. For starters, they have plush, 3 inch figures and 6 inch figures. Will they REALLY get anywhere with that? They also come with a code for online. For example, the Hardy's code is c*********. So they come with a so called "promo code" for the online web game,
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Saturday, July 23, 2011

FAIL Candy... AGAIN?

Hello everyone. Today we have some of the grossest candy EVER... Scorpion suckers. Now would you want to SUCK on this? GROSS! I personally have not tried one, but they do come in a variety of flavors. Would you try one for only 2.95... EACH? Well, it does come in banana, strawberry, blueberry, etc. A good Halloween treat, but before they notice the... SECRET. This has been Grant Fitzsimmons, signing off.
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WIN Games (Part 1 of 3)

This is a classic, The Game of Life. With almost as many remakes as monopoly, it is an amazing and hour long game of suspence. 

Will I win? 

Did I just buy House insurance while taking my twins to the vet to get there elephants leg fixed while I won the lottery?

This has been Grant Fitzsimmons, signing off.

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FAIL Candy (Part 3 of 3)

Well, another toy ruined by a weird-o designer. They are EATING THEMSELVES. What are those? The BABIES of the M & M World? Well, there is more M & M jokes on almost everything they sponsor. Well, they really are strange candy, and stranger candy dispensers. This has been Grant Fitzsimmons, signing out.
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FAIL Candy (Part 2 of 3)

WHAT? No ARTIFICIAL FLAVORS! Seriously? What kids would want to eat the dirt? This is like eating veggies.... but WORSE!! You cannot believe how bad these are... but a good Halloween grab box. I love how it comes in little PLASTIC wrappings, claiming it is better... (FAIL 99.9% all the WAY!)
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WIN or FAIL Phone?

A definite WIN taking in the 3DS's glory, and I plan on doing a review on that too, but for now, I am sticking to these phones. As Apple trys to get in the lead, this phone will keep them ahead for probably a whole year. Comment if 3D for a phone is a WIN or a FAIL? Will it bother you every-time you text someone? This has been Grant Fitzsimmons, signing off.
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Friday, July 22, 2011

FAIL Mr. Potato Head Burger King Toys

Mr. Potato Head Vintage Burger King Toys! 1998!
Hello! This is Grant Fitzsimmons with an exclusive for, one of the TOP Mr. Potato Head resources. Well, they had some FAILED ads too... Check out the strange and wonderful world of Mr. Potato head, in the 90's! Pretty cool, and groovy...

Odd... But true...

Hes eating... HIMSELF?

Look at his FACE!?

I do NOT want that on my backpack...


Frenchy Fry was his friend, but by the look on his face, that is LONG gone...

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FAIL Movie

A nice movie, but a definite FAIL. A loss of suspense for half the whole movie. I would rate it a 2 star movie, with a lost plot for half of it, but I understand there sense of humor, which did seem weak. Maybe, I can say the plot was understandable, but not follow-able. More FAIL movies coming soon.
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WIN Apple Toys

                                   Apple iPad 2 
A great product for little kids and adults. You can use it for work and lots of games and lots of  apps to choose from. You can go anywhere from All apps, to medical apps. Use entertainment for your free time, iTunes for your self time, and plenty more.

A hand held device made for music, gaming and more! All apps range from kids to adults. Choose from over 1,000,000 apps, and more are added each day, and I recognized Angry Birds, a definite GET. 
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WIN Helping Toys

Well, all dads are wishing there toddlers are going to grow up like them, and now they can with the Action Tool Set. Only 13.99, and with that price, it is a lot less than a REAL set of tools, (and your toddlers will not be as helpful either.) I recommend buying this anyday.
Contains small parts. Make sure they are over 5, and know right from wrong, Thank you for reading the small print, like most people skip, and that never

A handy set for 7-10 year olds, which will be very helpful for dads everywhere. With that kind of support, your boys will be guys in no time. He he he...
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FAIL Baby Toys are BACK

         Hasbro Playskool Charlie Coal The Talking Grill
Hello guys! As you might know, I have reviewed Baby Toys in the past, but these are worse! Introducing the "tell-your-kids-to-touch-cooking-equipment-toy"! Whaaa? Who wants their kids playing with cooking equipment? Seriously, what were they THINKING? Is this a fail, or a win?

Ummm, are you really wanting your kids to be "jiggling" the flowers? Well, that is just what parents do not want happening. If you are a parent, you probably do not want to inforce your kids habits of, well, "jiggling..."
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FAIL Baby Toys

A nice lullaby glowworm for, well, not so good. Are they TRYING to freak out the little kids. And look at the shape... This is a recommend for Playskool FAIL collecters. A nice $2.94 price though. It actually works TOO! 

This is a POPPIN good time, if it doesnt pop out your childs eye!? Well, this has been Grant Fitzsimmons, signing out.
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WIN Toys

Razor E200 Eletric Scooter
A definite "get-for-christmas-or-birthday" gift. With the 2nd most powerful Razor Scooter speed, this would be reconized any day. It comes with a clean green look on it. A gift to get for a Grandson or kid. But remember to get a helmet with it!
Razor E125 Eletric Scooter
A safer speed is what parents asked, a safer speed they got. It is the second slowest scooter out there, in competetion for buyers with the E100 Eletric Scooter. This is probably an 8-12 toy. A good lasting about 10 years. At least 3 years with good properties.
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Spudbob Squarepants
Mr. Potato Heads have grown in value, actually over $40 dollars in the past 50 years! As eBay continues to grow, rapid changes in the price of Mr. Potato Head happen. And for the first segment, I am going to do these once a week, a FAILED Toy design. Look at the one to the left. Sudbob Squarepants? WHAT? A potato "square"? Really? He looks like he has a yellow mustache? Dont get me started on the Arms.

Plush Mr. Potato Head
A plush figure? WHaaaaa? Now who thought of that. And just to add, his nose is not the normal one. It is the 1980 one, and this is from 2010. If that is supposed to be a thorwback, I would understand, but NO...
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