Friday, July 22, 2011


Spudbob Squarepants
Mr. Potato Heads have grown in value, actually over $40 dollars in the past 50 years! As eBay continues to grow, rapid changes in the price of Mr. Potato Head happen. And for the first segment, I am going to do these once a week, a FAILED Toy design. Look at the one to the left. Sudbob Squarepants? WHAT? A potato "square"? Really? He looks like he has a yellow mustache? Dont get me started on the Arms.

Plush Mr. Potato Head
A plush figure? WHaaaaa? Now who thought of that. And just to add, his nose is not the normal one. It is the 1980 one, and this is from 2010. If that is supposed to be a thorwback, I would understand, but NO...
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